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DO School List Thoughts


Full Member
Jan 8, 2020
  1. Medical Student
Hi, currently finalizing my DO school list and wanted a second opinion.

- c/sGPA: 3.4 (graduated)--I bombed my freshman year and had an upward trend after
- No MCAT score yet (taking it July 18th)
- ORM Michigan resident
- Extracurriculars: ~650hrs volunteer (hospital, tutoring, etc), ~1,000 research (no pubs and was extremely basic/boring research--just being realistic), ~200 shadowing hours over three physicians but primarily one which wrote me a letter of rec, served on a club's executive board for 2 years, went on a Global Brigade trip, in other clubs but not really involved
- LOR (4): DO, pre-med advisor, science professor, & research coordinator

I'm not super familiar with a lot of schools reputations besides MSUCOM other than what is on their website. List below of what I'm thinking so far, please let me know thoughts on what I should remove/add. Thank you!

MSUCOM (#1 choice)
ATSU (Arizona)
Alabama COM
Arizona Midwestern
Chicago Midwestern
Des Moines
Edward (South Carolina)
Edward (Virginia)
Lake Erie (Pennsylvania)
Lake Erie (Florida)
Liberty (Virginia)
Marian (Indianapolis)
Pacific Northwest (Yakima, WA)
West Virginia
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