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Jul 21, 2002
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Just want to know if I should suffer through orgo 2 this coming semester. Does anybody know if it is required all across the board or is it required at some schools but not all.

Does orgo 2 help me on the dat is my second question?

thanks again
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Oct 17, 2000
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I think most schools (almost all) require it...take it, it helps and it kinda looks suspicious not taking it...I thought it was kind of fun actually...but maybe cause Im weird? :)


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Jul 24, 2002
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Hmm... Orgo 2 as in another year of organic chemistry?

I took a total of one year of organic chemistry plus lab to fulfill the pre-dental requirements. Not sure if one needs any more orgo than that..? (Of course I must have done something right if I'm where I am now heh heh :D )
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Jul 17, 2002
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Yikes, do you really want to risk it? Not taking O. Chem 2, that is. The school I got into let me take Introductory O. Chem.....WAYYYYYY easier. thank god. It taught me just enough for the DAT.

But.....what you could do is check out practice DAT books and see if your knowledge is sufficient enough for the DAT. However, the actual DAT is a pain in the ass in that you never know what you'll get. (Especially Biology. Yikes.) :mad:
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