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Do senior residents have a (slightly) improved lifestyle?


Full Member
5+ Year Member
Nov 7, 2015
As yet another wide-eyed premed, I'm obviously far too early in my career for any serious consideration, but I was curious if work-hours are decreased for senior residents. I've heard that the schedule for every training program is different, but I was hoping anyone could comment on how their experienced changed in the latter part of residency. I've also heard that the final year of residency is very taxing, but do the preceding years as a senior resident allow for more time (for like spending time with children) compared to junior years?


Kunoichi Extraordinare
10+ Year Member
Jul 21, 2006
The Happiest Place on Earth
  1. Attending Physician
As for my own experience, the seniors had less or no in house call, which is nice, but if you have to come in to do an emergency case you don't get a post-call day after being up all night operating, so it's a little harder to plan doctor appointments and other errands during the week that way. You're also doing the harder, longer cases. The chief resident is also the one all the attendings want and your phone and e-mail will be constantly blowing up.
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Mar 5, 2015
  1. Medical Student
2,4 are the thoughest at my home program . Chiefs get their pick of cases , have juniors close or do associated floor work. Will take home call but do have to come in for operative stuff. The headaches seem to be different though as in running a service and keeping the attendings happy.
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