DO Students and USMLE Step I


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Jul 29, 2003
the USMLE score and information on when you took it is a separate box to fill in when you apply thru ERAS (the online application form you use to apply to allopathic residencies) begin with, under the "GENERAL INFORMATION" section of the application, there's a box to enter your USMLE ID # (if you did take it) and NBOME ID#, then under the "EXAMINATIONS" section they'll have a box to check off if you took the USMLE, the date, and if you passed...if you screw up the USMLE and you want noone to know, you can just leave the USMLE ID # slot and everything else about the score and the date blank, and they'll assume you didn't take addition, the COMLEX and USMLE transcript transmission options are two separate things to click on when you use ERAS, and if you don't click to transmit the USMLE transcript, noone will get your score--so yes, you DO send your scores out yourself (just make sure you don't put down that you took it or give them a USMLE idea number on the GENERAL INFORMATION section of the ERAS application).....however, if this is ethical or not is up to you....
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