Jun 18, 2009
Des Moines
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I was owndering if there is any link floating around where med students put there own perspective/wording about a clinical rotation at a perticular hospital. Mostly describing how the day was etc etc and if they recommend doing a rotaion there or not. I already have a link through my school that has a survery not in written words which does not seemed to help because most of the schools have 4 out of 5 thinggy which doesnt explain a whole lot!

Thank you guys in advance. Yes I am frustrated with chosing where to rotate during my fourth yr :)
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Jul 11, 2008
  1. Resident [Any Field]
I'm not aware of any websites that review hospitals for third year rotations. I've only seen them for residencies. Your best bet is to ask classes before you. Every school has different hospitals they use.

gutonc moved the thread to the clinical rotations forum because it has more relevance here and you will (theoretically) get better responses than other forums


your best bet is to ask current fourth years at your school. alternatively you can tell people on SDN which med school or hospitals you are referring to but your yield will likely be very low.
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