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Do UAB and Salus accept AP credit for prerequisites?


New Member
Jan 4, 2020
Hello! Are Advanced Placement credits accepted for prerequisites at these schools? For example, I did not have to take the first semester of general biology or general chemistry at my college because I got AP credit for them. I have emailed these programs about this but haven't heard anything back, so I thought I would ask any of you if you know the answer. I appreciate your time!


Full Member
May 10, 2019
  1. Pre-Optometry
For many schools, the rule of thumb is they want to see the AP credit transferred onto your transcript of the undergraduate transcript to show that you got college credit. For example, I took AP psychology and many schools need psychology and what they told me was that I need to have it listed on my undergraduate transcript (so my school put it on there for me). Check your transcript to see if it was transferred as test credit!
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