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Feb 27, 2007
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I've seen students trying to apply to all the pharmacy schools except UT-memphis. I was wondering if there is anything wrong with this school, or the reason why it is not as popular and appealing to students as others. The last time i checked, UT memphis was ranked aming the top 20 pharmacy colleges in the States. So how come no body has mentioned anything about it, or even applied?
Iam really interested to know as much as possible because iam planning to join their program.
Does any body know any Pro/Cons about UT memphis?

I also wanted to ask
: What difference does it make to join a certain pharmacy school than the other?
For example UCSF is the top ranked school in the nation, but it seems to me that a student joining UCSF wont have much more benefits than a student joining Samford for example, bcs at the end thy both have to pass the board test, and then can do the same job eventually?
Is this right or wrong? Are there any advantages of joining a better ranked school? if so, what are they?

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Nov 2, 2006
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UT Memphis is a great school. Of all the interviews I went to, UT was the one that blew my socks off with their facilities, faculty (which I met a lot of) students, curriculum, oh and the dean was there at the beginning and the end. I think this is a wonderful school and that you should look into it. I'm hoping to hear good news in the next couple of weeks or so as this school quickly moved to my top choice after the interview.

As to your question why it is not that popular. My feeling is that it is a school that has a demanding re-req requirement and ask you to have many courses that others do not before, ie. immunology and biochemistry. Rather than taking these courses your first year of pharm school, you are pushed into rotations your 3rd year which is a great thing. Compare their curriculum with others and attend an information session if the school has one. You'll be impressed. The school has also expanded to a satallite campus which you can attend after your first or second year in East Tenn.

Also this is a great school, top ten, who accepts a larger number from out of state. The state doesn't fund the school like the school would like and their take is, why not get out of state tuition.
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