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Dr. Nick

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Mar 21, 2002
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I'm not a Pod student - i'm an allopathic student - but i've followed this forum with some interest. I just wanted to wish Dr. Moon success as he prepares to make the career transition into medical school. After reading all of your posts I think that you will make a fine addition to your future med school.

The pod students should all be thankful that someone as experienced as Dr. Moon is willing to share his experiences with the group.



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May 13, 2002
35 miles from Pomona
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Thanks, Dr Nick

I had to re-register, hence the new screen name.

I took the MCAT, which was akin to being fed honey and strawberries by beautiful women in that mythical after-life..... NOT! All I can say is that I think I did well on the essay portion.

I finished both allopathic and osteopathic apps and sent them in. We'll see.

I'll admit that part of my ranting is mere catharsis and venting. I do want to help other pod students and prospective pod students, though. It's not all bad, but I believe that it's worse than most think.
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