Doctors Needed to Contribute Content for New Medical Student Website!

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Apr 17, 2008
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Dear all.

We have just launched a brand new medical student website called STUDENT MESS.

You can find us here at

Basically we allow medical students and doctors to share useful notes, videos, podcasts and pictures with each other to make their life at medical school/work a little more easier.

We really need your help to add content and make the site a solid resource for users such as yourself. If you have an interest in teaching or want to help your colleagues in the years below then please share your knowledge and experience, we really need your help!

All your work will be credited to you and you can get feedback and set up discussion groups based on what you like.
For example if you have lots of x-rays that you think would help students/doctors then you can upload them and generate discussion/learning and feedback.

Its a great new site with lots of features which would benefit everyone, we just need to get the site out there and fill it with great content.

Plus its a great way to meet medical students/doctors from all over the world!

The site is completely free and easy to use, we just need to get lots of people involved. Its basically students and doctors helping other students and doctors!

Thanks for your support its is greatly appreciated.
You can find us again at
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