Does AMCAS have an import information from old application for reapplicants?

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Aug 30, 2015
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I applied last year and was not successful. I am thinking of applying next cycle and want to know if I can import old application information into my 2018-2019 application (address, course information, ECs).
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Apr 23, 2016
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I vaguely remember that your transcript info (classes, grades, etc) gets carried over on your new application if you apply the year immediately after. Not sure about other aspects of the AMCAS.


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Jul 26, 2009
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I applied to AMCAS last year. Do I need to enter all of my information again?
If you submitted a previous year’s application and did not withdraw it, most of the information you entered will “roll over” to the current application

Although your information will roll over, the Main Menu will show all sections of your new application as "Incomplete". You must go through each section and confirm that the information is still correct. When you verify that information and click Continue at the end of each section, the Main Menu will show that section as complete. We suggest you print your application from the previous year to see what you submitted.

Please note, that if AMCAS makes improvements to a section of the application, you will need to reenter information into this section for the subsequent year's application cycle.

You will also need to resubmit official transcripts and letters of evaluation to AMCAS for each application cycle you apply.

I entered all my information into last year's application, why didn't it “roll over” to this year's application?
We only roll over data for applicants that submitted their application for the previous year. If you entered data into last year's application but did not actually submit the application, then you will need to enter it again into this year's application.
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