Does anyone know???

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May 14, 2002
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what constitutes a "strong tie" to a state?
just curious about any experiences of out-of-staters with strong ties.
any advice would be helpful.

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"strong ties" usually means that you have a spouse or immediate family living in the state, or you grew up in the state. of course, you have to be able to demonstrate this, and even then they may not accept it as strong enough ties. also, ecu says that an out of state applicant must demonstrate "strong ties" to nc to be considered, but they've NEVER accepted a non-nc resident. i'm sure other schools are like that, too.
Well for Hawaii's JABSOM, they require some ties to Hawaii, and they look at if you were born or went to school (h.s. and college) there, and also your parents' legal residence. And your legal residence of course.

I've applied there and sent in my secondary but have yet to hear anything from them. I'm a CA resident and don't have any of those ties to the state. My parents were born their and went to school there, and I mentioned that, but don't know if that counts for anything.

Anyway, I'm sure it's different for each state/school. Just thought I'd mention this to give you some idea.
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My personal experience...
I'm an Arizona resident, but wouldn't mind returing to da bayou. So when I submitted my secondary to to LSU-NO, I included a letter to the adcom with a list of my Louisiana ties - the fact that I grew up there, went to high school and college and that many members of my immediate family still live there. I also included a list of all of my immediate family who are LSU alums - father, mother, grandmother (one of the first women to be granted a degree from LSU!) brother, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc, to show that I have ties not only to the state, but also the institution.
Finally, I also pledged a committment to serving Louisiana's underserved populations and practicing in that state, should I be accepted, which is actually what I do want to do.
Potentially overkill, but I want to make sure I have every shot at an interview. Something to consider...
Arkansas college of medicine requires strong ites. I've often thought of applying there, but some people say it's not a great school. Plus they accept very few out of staters. So even though I have an uncle and cousin that are alumni of ASU and my grandmother lives in Little Rock, and my aunt and uncle live in Sheridan, it would still be tough to get in. I guess.....