Does not taking organic chem 1 lab make me completely ineligible for MD schools

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Dec 28, 2008
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I am a non-trad med student

Worked full time as a phlebotomist for 3 years

MD school gpa calculation
2.3 cum GPA
2.5 Sci GPA

DO school gpa calculation
2.5 cum
2.7 sci

Post-Undergrad I have retaken some science classes that I received C's in during my undergrad, along with about 25 credit hours of upper level science courses receiving an A in all classes.

I have good volunteer work, 2 PhD level organic chemistry research projects,a solid amount of doctor shadowing, and good letters of recommendation including 3 doctors, 2 professors, and 3 others.

Also one of the doctors that is writing a letter for me is on the selection board for my state MD school.

Basically all I have left is my MCAT, I have been studying alot and am hoping to score well.

Because of work I was not able to fit organic chem 1 lab into my schedule and never took the course, it is the only MD school required course I have not taken and I have fulfilled all application requirements for DO schools.

My plan is to apply to my state MD school (The University of Kansas) and then probably apply broadly to DO schools. Will KU even consider my application since I haven't completed OChem 1 Lab.

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From what I hear, most schools want to see both Orgo I Lab and Orgo II Lab, but I won't say they all do, because I honestly don't know. While most pre-reqs are consistent from school to school, that isn't always the case. For example, some schools will accept AP credit for Bio I, but others won't. To be sure about the pre-reqs at any one school, I'd call up the Office of Admissions and ask about the required pre-reqs before applying. They won't even consider your application if you don't have the standard pre-reqs, so why waste the money on an application that will definitely be ignored? If it is required, which I am pretty sure it is, and you have your heart set on an MD school, why not just take the course when you do have the time and re-apply next cycle?

But with all due respect, I am a little concerned about your under-grad GPA. Even for a DO school, GPAs in the 2.0-2.9 region are very much on the low side, and even though you have decent EC's, those alone won't make up for the GPA. Not sure what can be done about that, but going back to college for a bit longer might be necessary.