Does taking summer classes and updating grades push back verification date?

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May 18, 2018
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Hi, I have submitted my ADEA application on 6/5 and got my coursework verified on 6/14, and my last LOR verified on 6/17. However, I decided to take summer courses (different college from my original undergrad) and wrote "in progress" for these courses and sent in transcript (without grades) to show that I am enrolled in those classes. After taking all the classes and getting grades, I sent in my transcript (with grades) and got those verified on 8/28 and i have also written in the grades and updated my application.

I was wondering if this update and taking summer courses pushes back my application submission or verification date and causes the schools to review my application later.

I applied to 17 schools, received one interview invite on 8/28 after my summer grades got verified and was worried that my submission date might have gotten pushed back and am late in the cycle. Would this be true? or would my application submission and verification date be near mid June?

Thank you guys so much for the help!