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Jun 12, 2018
I'm wondering if this position counts as clinical experience. The position is called environmental services technician, and it is at a nursing home. The duties basically entail housekeeping (cleaning patient rooms), and disposing of waste. During the actual job there is a lot of interaction with the elderly residents as they love having someone to talk to. And during the covid pandemic the duties also expand to include screening patients and staff at the door of various communal buildings in the complex (taking temperatures, asking questions about corona virus exposure etc...). The duties are basically janitorial, but it is in a healthcare setting.


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"environmental services technician" is a fancy way of saying custodian or housekeeper, as you point out.

The problem here is that some people consider people living in nursing homes to be "residents" and others consider them to be "patients". How are they "patients" that are different, in your interactions with them, than if you were cleaning hotel rooms occupied by senior citizens or coming in to clean their private home?

I generally recommend saying "non-clinical" regarding work in a nursing home unless you are a licensed or registered health professional providing clinical services (e.g. nurse, PT, OT, etc). Let the reader "up-code" it if they think that you have a clinical role rather than risking being "down graded" by someone who thinks you are inflating something to clinical when they think that it is not.
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