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Just a little info. for the OD students from the latest AOA journal:

-31,100 OD nationwide
-More than 40% under age 40 are women
-Approx. 1,125 OD's establish practice in US each year.
-About 550 OD's are expected to retire annually.
-Median total net income is $115,000, $120,000 for private practitioners, and $98,000 for other affiliated types of practice settings (Commercial).

Group practices with 2 OD's earned $125,000 and OD's in a group of 3 or more earned $150,000

-OD's treat glaucoma in 45 state + DC + Guam
-Oral Rx authority in 38 states + DC + Guam
-Controlled Substance Rx authority in 32 state + DC + Guam.
-Injectables authority in 21 states + DC

-16 states permit licensure by endorsement.
-The AOA PAC ranks sixth in health related political action committees in terms of funds raised and spent on candidates for office.

I encourage everyone to become involved in their American Optometric Association. If nothing else at least become a member.

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