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Oct 7, 2008
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so i'm taking my oat really soon
and i'm starting to get REALLY overwhelmed and nervous....

i'm just wondering,
if u do poorly once,
would schools judge u?

i already have an interview from waterloo,
but if god forbid, i do poorly,
would they give me a second chance?

should i write my oat or should i wait longer and do it
when i'm more confident.......?
because what if i do poorly and will be forever judged for it.......

or should i do it anyway and then do it again IF i do bad?

do i have anything to lose?

thank you SO much in advance


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Nov 8, 2008
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I used to wonder the same thing because this Kaplan teacher (who was pre-med) told us not to take it unless we were really ready to get our best score bc it's an unspoken thing that schools average your scores if you take tests like OAT more than once.

BUT...I have seen posts from ppl on here who get avg scores, don't get interviews, then retake it and the next year they have interviews from all over.

Plus it seems like some of the schools ASK ppl to retake it. I think it probably impresses them to see your improvement. Besides, if you get an avg or not-so-great score the 1st time and retake it and do well, you have obviously learned the material.

Anyway, I don't think they hold it against you, but that's just what it seems to me. Good luck and I like your name - one of my fave movies :)


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Oct 28, 2008
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Hopefully I'm not too late, but don't worry too much about the OAT AmeliePoulain64! I did the OAT this sunday (A day before my exams started too O_O), and I got TS 370, AA 370, (basically 370 on all sections). I also had a waterloo interview so i'm pretty happy!

My biggest tip when doing the exam is to STAY CALM. There will be alot of questions that you won't know, and you'll have to guess on. Don't let the fact that you're guessing on a bunch of questions dishearten you. For every question try to do your best.
For example: I ended up guessing ALOT of QR questions, and still ended up with a 370 on that section.
As long as you've taken the normal undergraduate courses in science, and have studied just to brush up on each subject you'll do well.


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May 22, 2006
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If you already have an interview @ Waterloo before your OAT, the adcom there is already confident you will do well. Got through the opted test as a test run, and if you feel you don't have enough time for that, just review it. The OAT is a lot more general than the specific courses it tests. If you understood the course matter, you'll do fine. :luck:
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