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Ill with the Phonics
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Aug 23, 2016
I was sitting in the break room at work today when a commercial for a well known local Chiropractic "doctor" came on the tv. This guy is well know locally, has billboards all over town, and has awful commercials that play during the Maury, Springer, Judge Judy type shows. Anyway after learning who the father was this commercial came on.

There are so many things wrong with this commercial:

The stupid hat, he wears a stupid hat in all of his commercials.
"Doc" Tony.
His credentials are one the screen for 6 seconds in the smallest font possible. I imagine there is a law that says your credentials have to be on screen for at least 6 seconds.
The idea that you should go to a chiropractor instead of the e.r. after an accident. Chiros are of course fully qualified to treat any accident related injuries.
He basically says: "If you go to the e.r. you won't have any money left over to pay me to treat you."
His overall creepy look and demeanor.
"The doctor you know you can trust" has never been said by someone you could actually trust.
WTF is he doing with his hands!!! Like seriously. All of his commercials are like this.

I'm having a little fun but seriously him saying to go to his chiro practice instead of the ER is some of the worst, self interested nonsense i've heard in a while.

Please discuss...


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May 13, 2016
Kinda reminds of Barnum's quip that there's a sucker born every minute. Hence, there are people gullible enough to go to him, instead of an ER, sadly. I wonder if people go to him, because they like pseudo science. There are many fine chiropractors out there, and I bet the good ones in the area loathe this guy.

I bet Dante might have a special place for him, perhaps doeing chiropractic care on cobras. PseudoDoc Tony eminds me of a used car salesman that I have heard of, who hogs the airwaves with the most atrocious, lame commercials.
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