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Feb 11, 2005
    Before my friend told me about free iPods I thought it was a scam. I was looking to buy one but I didn’t have the money. My friend signed up for free iPods and received his in the mail a few days ago absolutely free. I signed up so I could get mine and mine is coming in the mail shortly. I think it would be worth the 2 minutes of time to receive a 250 dollar value, or 500 dollar value for the photo iPod, absolutely free. Just visit this link ... and sign up for one of the offers. There are many free trials that you can sign up for. What I did was sign up for a free trial and cancel it online before the trial expired. This way I was not charged anything. There are many other free gifts that work the same way. They are all listed below. Try them all.

    Free iPod Photo

    Free iPod

    Free Game System

    Free Flat Screen

    Free Desktop PC

    Free DVR’s

    Free Mini Mac

    Free iPod Shuffle

    For those of you who don’t understand how they can just send people free things its actually very simple. These sites contain vast amounts of advertisement. They get payed for each advertisement on their site. Because they have these ads, they are able to buy these products in bulk and still make profit.
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