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Jun 21, 2002
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Ok well im kinda stuck with declaring a double major or not. I am definitely going to be intl studies major, but I can also get a BA in chemistry (kinda like a chem minor at my school, but still get a bachelors) if i take 2 extra courses in chem. The thing is i was planning on getting a minor in arabic, but im kinda rethinking that and thinking about droppin the minor for the chem ba. do you guys think if you have 2 degrees its more impressive or being fluent in arabic? does a double major in science and a nonscience show you can handle science and are well-rounded? to get a degree in intl studies i would need 2 years of arabic (3 years gives me a minor) anyways. if you have any suggestions i would appreciate it. sorry this is kinda long. thanks.


i think double degreeing is cool with regards to taking a deep look at a couple subjects, however, i don't think that it makes such an impact on admissions. some schools (Such as some ivies) don't allow for double majoring (concentrations they have i think), but still support this breadth of learning. one would be able to argue the merits of both arabic and chem - but i would be inclined to say that arabic may be more practically useful in the future for you (but again, this is up to you). most of my interviewers didn't notice (8 so far - but i imagine that many of the mstp people couldn't careless about a history degree), but when it was brought up they were surprised and interested. you have shown your ability to do science stuff with your pre-med requirements all ready, i'm not sure if formalizing you abilities will make too much of a diff. for people last year - has this come up as a factor?


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Jul 13, 2001
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I think you should do what interests you more, and not what you (or someone else) think/s would be more impressive.

exigente chica

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May 29, 2002
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Do what makes you happy. It will help you stand out from all of the rest of the applicants 1, and 2 you like it!!

I have a dance major and spanish..and I'm not dropping ne of them for ne one. I 've got nothing but good things and general intrest, nothing bad so far!!
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