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    I tried that same process and it didn't help me at all. Here's my advice on how to find a podiatrist to shadow:

    1) Consider asking family members/friends if they've ever visited a podiatrist. If someone has given you the name of a podiatrist you could call their office and explain your interest in shadowing and how you heard about them.
    2) Ask your undergrad university if they have any alumni that are podiatrists.
    3) Google podiatrists in your area and call.
    4) Last option: go in to these offices and ask.

    Podiatry is a small field relative to the rest of medicine and these dr's understand that you have to do this as part of the process.
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    de Ribas

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    Feb 4, 2017
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    1. Podiatry Student
      Is anyone familiar with this service? I recently signed up and I requested a Podiatrist to come in and shadow him, but its been almost a week and ive gotten no response. Im in the Socal area btw.

      For all physicians that I have shadowed (except 2), I just emailed around for clinics, hospitals and physician groups. 9/10 reply with Yes. And willing to meet, talk and help you.
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