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Drug prices and coverage


7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Feb 18, 2004
Hi everyone. I want to know more about drug prices and coverage. Do insurance companies ever buy drugs? In a retail setting, and hospital settings what average percent profit comes from a prescription sold.? How much does health insurance cost if you buy it privately? I am assuminng that many people over 65 buy their own private health insurance with prescription coverage. Is that right?


Senior Member
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jan 12, 2004
Ins. companies don't technically buy drugs, they utilize a pharmacy benefit manager as a middle-man to service their prescription benefit plan- unless they're big enough to have their own PBM company, such as Aetna.
People 65 and over receive Medicare, before a person turns 65 they will receive paperwork instructing what to do. You can supplement your Medicare with AARP -you can get AARP at age 55. AARP has several supplemental plans to choose from, I was looking over my Mother's paperwork from AARP and the lowest plan will cover your Medicare A hospital deductible and nothing else, I believe that was under $100 per month, and then the highest coverage plan that takes care of any out of pocket costs after Medicare pays was about $200 or so per month.
If you're under 65 and have to pay for private insurance- the costs are prohibitive to have an individual insurance policy.
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