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Dec 30, 2007
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Hey Guys, it is possible to get Dual Residency in both Washington and Oregon? I'm trying to look it up but It's been hard tracking everything down so I thought someone here might know. Right now I'm an oregon resident but I lived in Washington and graduated from high school in Washington like 2 years ago. I read somewhere that you're a Washington resident if you graduated from a washington high school. Any ideas? Shoot, g2g to class! hahahaha.


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May 13, 2008
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When you fill out the AMCAS application, you can only select one state for residency purposes. However, some schools use a "close-ties" system, where if you can prove that you have some significant ties to the state, then you will be considered closer to IS than OOS.

So you might end up applying as an OR resident but applying for "close-ties" to UW, if they use that classification.
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