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Jun 6, 2002
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Anyone out there have any knowledge of the Duke surg program?

There website provides very little information.

I'm finding myself falling in love with surgery big time. I wouldn't mind doing a research-intensive surg residency that will allow me to also get a PhD. I've heard that Duke offers that.

Can anyone give me some info on program structure and such?



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Aug 11, 2002
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I have not heard any positives about the Duke general surgery residency. Apparently, they pride themselves on their high divorce rate among residents. There is also a story of a resident who had the misfortune to get on the bad side of an attending, and was forced to spend several years in the lab. He only finished his residency because he transferred to another institution. Also, you have to wear a short white coat and white pants as an intern. I think if you want a research intensive program in the South, you should consider UVA.
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