During my upcoming pharmacy interview how can I use my non direct pharmacy experience and incorporate that into how I'd be a good pharmacist?

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Apr 27, 2023
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I am not going to lie I originally planed on going to PA school so all I have is scribing/MA/PCT experience with all types of patients and chronic conditions, I have had to deal with pharmacies and speak to a few pharmacists and see their roles in the hospital/clinic etc so I am familiar with what they do for the most part I just haven't worked as a pharmacy tech, how can I use my experiences as a positive given their roles? Thank you.

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Just tell them what you told us here. There is literally no wrong answer, you've already been accepted. They don't reject people anymore after interviews. They are just happy to take your 200k.
You have 6 different threads about the same thing. MODs (or you) have locked 5 of them, hopefully this one gets locked too.
Don't worry, before you are 30, you will have the coveted "title" of Dr. Broke.
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You’ll be fine. You’ll land a cushy job in industry where you get to work from home, and you’ll do great things for the profession. Just be yourself during the interview. I am sure you are great at serving patients through your experience so I would bring that up in the interview.

*disclaimer: my opinion is based on what I believe the OP wants to hear and not based on reality of the average pharmacy student.
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