E-mail and interviews....

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Celiac Plexus

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Oct 10, 2002
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Does anyone else find themselves checking their e-mail inbox 5-10 times a day? It has got to the point where I am disappointed when the e-mails are from anyone other than a prgram director! :wow:

Wouldn't it be better if there was one date on which ALL interview offers were given out? Or maybe early, middle, and late invitation days? :idea:

Well, gl all!

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I agree I just hate having to reschedule interviews as newer ones come in, one program was at least nice enough to email me letting me know their interview dates and said that they won't be sending out interviews until Nov. 1st. If I had a list of all my interviews and dates scheduling would be much easier, especially if you also have to schedule electives in between. Well good luck to everyone!