Early Admissions?

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Jul 7, 2007
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I have a 3.7 cum GPA a 3.8 science GPA a 26 on the MCAT (10 bio 10 phy sci 6 verbal). I work as a medical assistant. I taught a biology lab. I have some volunteer with big brothers big sisters. I applied to medical school last year, but didn't get my secondaries in until Jan 1. I recieved no interviews. I am now reapplying. I retake the MCAT Sep 8. Should I apply early admissions?

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I meant early decision...sorry
hmm. For this cycle I'm not sure. I think that a lot of schools that participate in early decision have deadlines. For most, interviews are scheduled about a month in advance for ED applicants which would be around september or so. You might be able to pull it off. I'd inform them that new scores are on the way. For some programs you're also restricted to applying to that one school if you're a ED applicant; most, not all. And an mcat of at least 30 is a prerequisite for most schools if your heading for an early admission. All in all you've got to pull the mcat up at least 3-4 points. Everything else looks good. It really depends on which schools you're applying to and what their policies are reguarding Early admissions. On the one hand you're only competing with other ED applicants which is a smaller pool, so you've got a slightly better chance of getting in. But on the other hand you might be restricted to a limited number of schools. It's hard to crunch the numbers and see which option puts you ahead.
If you apply ED you and are rejected, you still might have a brief time slot in which to apply for regular admissions to other schools. Granted, you'd be near th bottom of the stack, but you'd still at least be in the running. Good luck, evaluate your choices and see whether or not you could pull up that score in around 2 months and keep watch of the deadlines.