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Early Decision


Critical Mass

You have to be competative to get taken, so if your app is midling, I'd avoid it. It's better to apply broadly in that case. BTW a lot of state schools limit EDP apps to in-staters, though I can't really think of a good reason to apply EDP oos unless your state has an agreement to get you in-state tuition.

The only reason that I can think of for doing it is if you are certain that you really only want to go to one school and feel confident that you will get in. This is usually the case when a given state only has one school.

Often if you are good enough for EDP, however, you are good enough for scholarships elsewhere. Furthermore, there is no incentive for the EDP school to offer you money as a recruiting tool.

The main reason NOT to do EDP is that it will delay your ability to apply broadly EARLY. I don't think anyone here will say that you can apply too soon to medical school.

Looking at your mdapps, I don't recommend EDP for you. Take your time.
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