Tough Decision

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The REAL Doc McStuffins

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May 24, 2019
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Hey everyone. So I need help making a tough decision. I recently got accepted into a masters program with an unofficial linkage with an MD program in my home state. With this 2-year program, I would be taking med school classes as well as a Kaplan course to improve my MCAT score. As long as I do well in the program, I would get an interview and hopefully start med school. But I’m torn because I just got an interview invite for a DO school that ghosted me for months lol so idk what to do. If everything goes well and I end up getting into the DO school, should I do that instead of the MD linkage? I’m already 26 and I don’t really want to keep pushing this back.

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OP, if you get into the other medical school (not the linkage,) take it and run.
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If you get the DO offer, accept it and don't look back. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
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Choice #1: almost certainly be a DO 4 years and 2 months from now.
Choice #2: maybe be a MD 6 years and 2 months from now.

What's tough about this choice? There is a real reason why people are saying "take the DO and run with it".
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