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ED order review


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Jan 13, 2004
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Beginning this year, JCAHO requires Pharmacists to review med orders at ED. I am just wondering if anyone here know how to comply with this new policy? This seems to be the most challenging task for me so far...


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Jul 28, 2005
Ugh! Another of JCAHO's impractical & cumbersome tasks.

Honestly? The review will be primarily retroactive just because the drugs are given as they're ordered....within minutes (unless they're waiting on lab tests/MRI's/CT's, etc.....)

You can lock out things like antibiotics until the order is placed in the computer system. But, practically, you have to allow & have available narcs, adenosine, IV fluids, K+, ntg, dopamine, nipride, all resucitative drugs without review other than retrospective. Likewise, its just nonsense to argue with a physician about the need for a drug when they're doing their job & you're doing yours - which might be covering the whole hospital by yourself at night!

Now...your eye rooms - the mydriatics & miotics again are impractical to have wait for a pharmacist & frankly - the incidence of drug error is low.

We're not a trauma hospital, but even at our low load, this is ridiculous!

Don't get me started on JCAHO!


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Jan 23, 2007
po-town, NY
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we're a trauma hospital and at night there is often only one pharmacist covering the whole house...
*so we're supposed to delay emergent treatment pending a pharmacist's review as well as delay treatment for the rest of the inpatients for whom we are responsible, is that what you want, JCAHO?*

yes, don't get me started on JCAHO as well....ugh!:thumbdown:
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