Technology "edit to customize" glitch/error on iPhone Anki mobile app

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Jan 8, 2018
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Every time I edit a card via the iPhone app it duplicates the card (starts it new) and adds "edit to customize" text to the middle to the top of the card. Very annoying, distracting, etc. These special "edit to customize" cards show up nowhere on the MacBook program and can't be synched, found, or erased!

I downloaded and re-installed the app without success. I am really surprised I haven't seen anything on here or google about it.

Technical Info: running Anki 2.0.47 on MacBook pro and Anki mobile 2.0.36 (20036.6) on iPhone 7 iOS 11.2.1 (same issue on old phone 6s)

...and Hello from a long time reader and now member of SDN. Simply awesome community!

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FIX: delete and reinstall the App
so far this is working for me after lots of testing, very frustrating experience overall

Note: this will not change the already present "edit to customize" duplicate cards, it will only fix new editing to function correctly. However, do NOT delete the old "edit to customize" duplicates in your decks because this will delete both versions of the card (ie. your original card without "edit to customize" will also be deleted)
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