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Nov 18, 2005
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I am sorry that someone has been trolling in regards to the Duke program. I feel they are trying to warn applicants about the nature of the program. That being said I do not support any personal attacks on the residents, faculty and administration currently there but I do want applicants to be aware of the issues in the program as I was not when I interviewed. The below posts are from residencyandfellowship.com. This will be my only post so as to avoid being a troll. I hope the information in it will be useful. Again in no way do I mean this to be anything but informative and hope it will stimulate investigation if you feel the Duke FM program is the place for you.

Posted: Thu Nov 17, 2005 2:23 pm Post subject: REPLY FROM ACGME

I decided to email ACGME to find out about the 12 alleged violations against Family Practice residency as posted in several websites including this one. Here is the reply that I got.... RK

REPLY FROM ACGME: "The status action taken by the RRC is posted on the ACGME website, however, any citations the program has received is not public information and is confidential. You would have to check with the program director."

Caroline Fischer Senior Accreditation Administrator Residency Review Committee for Family Medicine Residency Review Committee for Pediatrics 515 N. State Street #2000 Chicago, IL 60610 (312)755-5044 (312)755-7498 fax"


Posted: Thu Nov 17, 2005 8:10 pm Post subject: Truly heavy stuff

Strong work emailing the ACGME. You have the makings of a rebel, and I can only assume someone who does not believe everything he/she reads. If you or anyone who reads this plans to interview at Duke I urge you to learn all you can about the program. The many letters on Scutwork.com, this site, and studentdoctor.net only present a truly smelly side of the Duke Family Medicine program as you know. I would urge all of you to call or email the program director, Dr. Halstater, to hear from the horses mouth the result of this years ACGME visit to Duke Family Medicine. Ask him also if any interns are leaving the program (at least two I know are leaving). Ask him if there are plans to cut the residency to four per class. Then I would challenge you to email any of the residents and ask them their feelings concerning the program in private while not under the watchful eye of the administration (their emails can be found at: http://dukefamilymedresidency.mc.duke.edu/Housestaff&Alumni.asp).

Halstater's email: [email protected] Secretaries who can direct you to his phone line (919) 681-3028, Teri Pond (919) 681-3065, Diane Spell We too have contacted the ACGME read on . . . _____________________________________________________________________________

5/11/05 Dear Ms. Parsons and Ms. Miller and the RRC members of the Family Medicine RRC committee reviewing the Duke Family Medicine Residency, We are aware that our program will be coming up for review shortly and we wanted to bring you up to date, from the residents’ standpoint, concerning the current state of our program since Ms. Gideon’s visit:

1. Two interns have decided to leave the program at the end of this academic year. Deanne Rhodes – Matched a pediatric residency Moira Mcquillan – Will be joining another Family Medicine Residency as a second year. Both feel strongly that their treatment during their time at Duke Family Medicine was inappropriate and unsupportive. This now makes five residents who have resigned in the last two years and one whose contract was not renewed. All but Dr. Rhodes have gone on to secure positions at other Family Practice Residencies.

2. A current second year resident is actively seeking a position at another Family Medicine Residency Program. He has already shared this with Ms. Gideon.

3. Faculty member Dr. Vivek Padha will be leaving at the end of this year, leaving an already depleted faculty.

4. A former resident has filled a formal grievance with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) concerning the treatment and actions taken against her by Dr. John Weinerth, Dr. Lloyd Michener, and Dr. Margaret Gradison during her time at the Duke Family Medicine Residency Program.

5. The local paper has been contacted with hopes of finding a voice as the Administration at Duke continues to ignore our concerns.

6. The residency no longer has a true medical inpatient service. Attached are the details of a new IPS service that is mainly concerned with the care of OB patients. As you will see, we no longer admit or take care of our own practice patients while they are at Duke University Hospital or Durham Regional Hospital. We do “social rounds” on resident patients while they are in-house at Duke. Depending on the attending that is rounding, these “rounds” have little if any educational value. Furthermore, we no longer see any of our practice patients in any capacity while they are inpatients at Durham Regional Hospital.

7. As before, third year residents on our new IPS service like those on the old inpatient services have only two clinics per week. This is still in direct violation of RRC requirements despite a complaint made to Ms. Miller about this very concern in December of 2004. Attached are the May and June clinic schedules, which prove this allegation. We do not know what else to do. The administration has demonstrated by their actions that it is their prerogative whether they will comply with various RRC requirements while the residents’ concerns over the curriculum are repeatedly met only with spiteful retaliation, not interest.

8. Along with the clinic violations, our clinic numbers as well as the Geriatric, Surgery, OB, MICU, Continuity of Care, Procedural, Gynecological, and Community Medicine curriculums fall well short of what is prescribed by the RRC guidelines for the minimal core curriculum elements. Dr. Halstater’s PIF and the true reality of our rotations are two very different things.

9. Dr. Vicki Saito, Associate Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs and Communications, was asked by Dr. Halstater and Dr. Gradison to come speak with the residents. She stated that it was in part her job to help fix internal problems before they went public. Aside from her visit in early April there has been no follow-up by Dr. Gradison, Dr. Halstater or Dr. Saito concerning the problems the residents elucidated. Attached, you will find a letter drafted to Dr. Saito shortly after her visit.

10. Residents have also drafted a letter to our chancellor Dr. Dzau that you will find attached. He has not addressed our concerns as of yet.

We hope this brief snapshot of events that have occurred since Ms. Gideon’s visit will help you to understand the truly destructive quality of our program. There is a blatant disregard for RRC guidelines despite specific infractions being brought to the administration’s attention by residents, faculty and even the RRC. Residents from at least the last three graduating classes under Dr. Gradison’s tenure as program director have left lacking training in several core elements of family practice. In our opinion, the Duke Family Medicine Residency Program should not be put on probation but instead, it’s credentials should be revoked and the current residents should be allowed to leave and seek other programs with full credit for their time at Duke. Similarly, the incoming interns, who were purposefully mislead on several areas of the curriculum during their interview process, also should be allowed to seek other positions.

Thank you for your time,

We realize by not putting our signatures on this that it may not be taken seriously by the RRC however, we hope you realize the huge step this was for us to send and the very real fear of retaliation and finger pointing we all feel on a daily basis. We hope the fact that it is on Duke Family Medicine letterhead, and that the schedules and IPS email by Dr. Halstater are clearly from Duke, that you will offer this letter some validity. We urge you to verify our statements of fact with Dr. Halstater.

cc: Mary Alice Parsons, Marsha Miller, Marianne Gideon
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