EK 16 mini MCATS

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Mar 26, 2003
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I don't understand. I takes these tests and my scores are alright. But on the TPR test 4921 and 4931, I found them harder and my scores reflected as such. Does anyone else feel that the 16 mini MCATS are a little easier than others or is it just me (Thanks in advance I know its just me :D )?

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i did the worst on the one EK exam I took. Someone told me they were harder and didn't really exhibit the true essence of the real thing. So I gave up on those and did much better on everything else. Maybe it was just b/c it was the first exam, I don't know.

Maybe you just need to get used to the longer exam and the whole format of it. Once you do a few more i'm sure you'll feel more comfortable and your scores will improve. Good luck!
I'm quite aware of the format (I'm a retaker :( ). My timing is not bad except for verbal (which wont change in 2 weeks). It just seems that TPR has a lot mor calculations and detective (i.e. working bacwards) questions and EK is more concptual. I don't know maybe its just me :eek:
Sorry, i didn't mean anything offensive if you interpreted it that way. If you're a retaker, you can probably give me advice. ;)

Practice on the real tests...that's always the most effective, and it will demonstrate whether they are more conceptual or calculations. And with lots of practice you can increase your speed in 2 weeks. Good luck!