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Aug 19, 2002
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Oops, I meant to post this as a reply to the thread of comparing practice tests by various prep companies.

I also took the kaplan course. I was not to impressed with thier practice tests. I have tried PR as well, just the tests, and I didn't think they were all that great either. I'm comparing both to the AAMC tests.

I always heard about EK, but was skeptical. I've been trying thier stuff out. I really think that they have it closer than any other company. Also, my sucky area was Verbal. I think that besides the good practice tests, EK's verbal stategy is the best...I've seen the difference in my scores by applying it to verbal. Funny that Kaplan strategy didn't help me at all, still never finished on time.

I'm retaking the beast, but using EK. I don't mind plugging Ek, I really do think they have a good program for this prep.
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