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Elective in Korea


New Member
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Feb 27, 2009
Hi, I'm trying to decide if I should have an away elective in korea (Yonsei) for my 4th year, most likely dermatology or ophtho... I'm Korean American, speak the language, I even lived there for a couple months.. My only issue is... I believe the Korean medical/schooling system is very different, especially towards girls... I'm worried that people might be mean/ expecting me to fetch them coffee/working me to the bone..... is this a dumb concern?? I would love some input from people who's been to Korea for rotations, or any interns/residents in Korea?? :) Thanks a bunch.


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Oct 5, 2008
  1. Medical Student
Nah, I don't think you need to worry about that. I mean, Korea changed a lot, and if you have been there in the recent years, it's a very very modern society. Well and as for working you to the bone, that might happen not because of sex but due to just being M4 :)

I'm also into thinking about doing a month next year in Korea. Searching SDN showed either SNU, Ajou are like the top top hospitals in Korea, and I'm personally biased towards Yonsei because I just like everything about Yonsei. If I do go for it, maybe we'll see each other! haha
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