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Sep 5, 2008
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I thought that the E or the voltage difference helped create current through a battery, so shouldn't more E allow for more current and thus more electrical energy. The following is an excerpt from EK, can anyone please explain what exactly is going on with the salt bridge. Do we want more Voltage or no?

"When a cell contains two different solutions, a liquid jU l1ction is required to separate the solutions.Because ions can move across a liquid junction, any liquid junction creates an additional small potential difference that affects the potential of the galvanic cell. A salt bridge is a type of liquid junction that minimizes this potential difference. Typically a salt bridge is made from an aqueous solution of KCI. The salt bridge allows ionic conduction between solutions without creating a strong extra potential within the galvanic cell. It is able to minimize the potential because the K+ ions move toward the cathode at about the same rate that the CI- move toward the anode."


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May 11, 2008
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The potential difference of the salt bridge opposes the potential of the cell itself. Minimizing the potential of the salt bridge maximizes the overall potential that you can get from the cell.