Eligibility for away rotations


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Feb 11, 2013
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So, I didn't pass my FM shelf at the beginning of MS3 due to a worsening of a degenerative cervical disc and migraines. I have an A from my preceptor but because I had a hard time studying the last two weeks of the clerkship b/c of pain. My transcript shows a D until I retake the test this coming July (after which my grade will be replaced). I don't know if that leaves me "poor academic standing" right now. I've done average/above average on the rest of my clerkships this year.

Is this something I need to talk to programs about before I apply for away rotations this fall (either directly or through VSAS)? Or is it not something they care about if I'm simply doing an away rotation? I'm looking at to contact the top 10-15 programs this week and want to know if I need to explain this and how. Thank you all!
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