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Feb 5, 2011
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A 18 y/o male presents with yellow skin and clay colored stool. If the diagnosis if Hepatitis A infection, which of the following is needed to make the diagnosis with ELISA?

1) Goat anti-IgG
2) Surface protein of HAV
3) Goat anti-IgM

I always have troubles in ELISA questions :(


the Q is very short and non specific

which of the following is needed to make a dx with elisa from where? the pt serum? or to complete the kit of elisa?
i think they mean the later so ...

I would go with goat IgM which will be part of the ELISA kit cuz this is an acute infection

indirect ELISA detects serum Abs IgM by using test Ag HAV surface ... add anti serum Ab goat IgG anti IgM coupled with ... you know the rest