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Sep 23, 2003
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wondering if any recent grads could share their experiences regarding looking for a job. basically when you start? how you did it (recruiter vs writing to depts, etc)? how to know which nationwide companies (if any) are good to work for?

thanks in advance.


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Sep 11, 2003
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It's tough for a new grad to find out about the job market, especially if you're looking far away from your residency. If you're staying close to your program, then just use your faculty for info. Many of them should have worked are still work part-time in hospitals in the area. Get some names from them and talk to people.

If you're looking far away, then it's much more difficult. If your program is an older one you probably have some graduates already working where you want to move, and your program should have kept track of them. Get some numbers and make some calls.

If you have none of those avenues, go to ACEP or AAEM and talk to people there. Call some of the big national groups, as they usually have a need for good docs almost anywhere. It may not be as good as working for a open, democratic group, but it'll get you moved. Once there, you can start networking with a regular paycheck.
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