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Jul 29, 2008
I know there are certain residencies (derm that comes to mind) where research is essential... now I know that research is not essential in EM, but will having done research in an EM department as a volunteer, greatly help in landing a EM residency specifically there? Will it help match into EM programs everywhere? Is EM research looked upon favorably by EM PD's? BTW, I am an AMG


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Dec 18, 2005
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if you go to pg 36 you will see US applicants with 0 research projects had a 543/594 chance on matching, while those with 1-5 projects had a 468/506

so yeah if you do research it seems to help your chances but note that more than half of the spots went to people with no research.

I'm just a fourth year but from what I've heard research makes a bigger difference at places that place a greater overall emphasis on research for residents and faculty. I.e. if everyone in the department is published and most residents are going into academics I'm sure having done research may be a bigger deal there than elsewhere.

Oh, and going back to the OP it depends on what you mean by "having done research in the ED." In general being published, having presented, etc your own work is going to get you much farther than having walked around and filled out a survey for someone else's project. It may help a bit at your home program cuz they'll know your face (though if you have rotated there they should already know you.) I don't really think it would help much elsewhere unless you were a big part of the project.

I'd say do research if you have time and find a project that you like, but it's a shame to do it just for the sake of your application. Also a good indicator of your future career. If you really have to hold your feet to the fire to make yourself do research you may not want to go academic when you are looking for jobs if that is what they are going to expect.