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Aug 22, 2007
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Hey folks, I'm currently pursuing the thought of getting back into fellowship after being out of residency for a year. I just recently graduated from a very busy level 1 trauma center EM residency program and I am working as a community ED attending in a fairly busy level 3 trauma center outside of Charlotte right now. I've always been into sports and being a DO I really like the idea of doing some sports medicine with snowsports atheletes, motorsports, as well as high school and college level stuff. I've been browsing through the AMSSM website and I'm trying to figure out what would be my best way to start getting ready for applying. Any tips or tricks for someone who isn't coming from residency? I'm wanting to get back into academics, I've realized that after being in the community now. Not really worried about the pay, especially for a year, my soon to be wife is an NP in the ED, and I could also moonlight once or twice a month as needed. Plus, no kids and we are both frugal and like living in a small house and driving our current cars. Our money gets spent on travel, which again, we could put on hold for a year.

Some stats on me...

3yr EM residency finished in 2015
Passed written EM boards, orals in April
My scholarly project in residency was teaching to the local pharmacy school students
No pubs/research. Yet. Plenty of ideas involving helmets, some doable, some likely not haha.

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