Emergency Medicine vs. Anesthesia

Discussion in 'Emergency Medicine' started by joker, May 17, 2007.

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    Hi all,

    I've really enjoyed all the helpful info you guys post on here. I'm in my fourth year of med school and am trying to decide between EM and Anesthesia. I was wondering if any of you were in the same boat and could offer some advice.

    I love the patient contact of EM but hate the idea of working nights, weekends and holidays for the rest of my career. I love procedures and the lack of continuity of care in both fields. I'm confused! I'll also post this in the Anesthesia forum to get some thoughts...
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    1. Don't cross-post - it's in violation of the TOS.

    2. The 'search' function - it's your friend. This question has been asked MANY times.
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    i think any field of medicine you will have to do some nights, weekends and holidays and not just during residency. my signif other is doing anesthesia and once your out in practice you still have to be on call every so often...like once a week or so...just depends...but those days can fall on a weekend or holiday. EM you definitely have to be more flexible b/c u work more nights and weekends but honestly i would rather do that than take call and be awake for more than 24 hours the rest of my career. plus the more seniority you have the less night shifts you do. maybe once a month. Just remember most em attendings work around 12 shifts a month and more often than not are willing to switch shifts around if you lend a hand from time to time and return the favor.

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