Apr 4, 2010
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How competitive is the Emory MPH program?

Currently, my GPA is a 2.7 (mainly pulled down by my early grades), but I have three more semesters to complete until I apply to a school. I have my heart set on Emory, since they offer Epidemiology and not many schools around Atlanta do.
I have also taken several courses that would help, I would think, such a Theoretical Ecology and Genomics. Also, I have worked all through college.

I know it will most likely depend on my LOR's and personal statement, but I wanted to know people's experience with Emory's MPH admissions.

Thank you! :)


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Mar 4, 2009
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I'm a 2nd year Epi MPH at Emory and as far as I know they don't release admission statistics. However, I don't think a 2.7 (or hopefully higher) will prevent you from matriculating during the cycle in which you apply.

My advice would be to (a) apply early, (b) make sure the rest of your application is sound including personal statement and letter of recs, and (c) rock the GRE which, if you prepare, shouldn't be a problem. I'd shoot for >1200 with your GRE.

Finally, I'd call the school and ask what you can do to improve your application between now and then. Be honest with them and they will give you good feedback.
Mar 30, 2010
FWIW, you can take a look at the RSPH FAQ page: http://www.sph.emory.edu/cms/prospective_students/admissions/admissions_faq.html

They indicate that they really look at the overall picture rather than isolated scores. That being said, they indicated that the preferred minimum GPA is 3.0 and that the average undergrad GPA for accepted students is 3.4. They also provide avarge GRE scores for accepted students (537 V, 653 Q, and 4.0 AW) but do not give a breakdown for students who actually matriculated.