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Jun 18, 2007
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I interviewed for a job with them recently. I know they are a big group (5th biggest) I think and they have a "partnership" track, but it seems to not be a real partnership. They have pretty good benefits (health insurance, retirement funded, CME/BEA). Hourly pay seems to be ok, but it is hard to tell. According to the MD I interviewed with they have productivity bonuses and patient satisfaction bonuses and ability to move up in the company. I guess I am just wondering if anyone who is employed by them have anything else to add, to what I already know. Any red flags that is specific to them? I have heard risk management issues, but no one from their side is going into particulars. If people don't want to post a PM is always welcomed. Thanks. This job hunt process can be stressful.


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Mar 19, 2005
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I worked with them for 5 years. They are essentially the same as any other CMG. They do not have a true partnership like an SDG would have. Rather once you have put your required hours in, you are eligible for the annual bonus. After a certain number of years you get "equity", but it is not real ownership, just a bonus that is paid out if you leave the job.

Like most other CMGs the medical group is captive to the billing/coding arm (which they call EMP Holdings). That is where the real money is. The point of EMP medical group is to pay the physicians an average hourly wage, and generate visits which go to profit the few members who own a big part of of the holdings company.

Pay was never great with them, but they do have the best benefits package in the industry. They are also quick to dismiss physicians who question their leadership/business model.