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Oct 29, 2002
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If I complete the EMT basic class, how hard is it to find a job with it? Is it necessary to take advaned courses? I'm kind of running out of time before med school application starts, and that is something I really wanna do before med school, I just don't wanna take a class and then realize that I need another one to be able to start working and not have the time to do it.

Thank you


La Vie Boheme
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Aug 3, 2003
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Sounds a little like you just want to have it to put it on your CV.

Anyway, An EMT-B is more than fine to run on a rig. Typically they accompany a paramedic or they can be part of a BLS only crew. So, the quick answer is yes you can find work and be productive in it. Usually in most areas there is a commercial ambulance company that does runs that it is easy to get a job with. Some areas like bigger cities have thier EMS run by the state/government like a fire dept and are tougher to get into as there are usually other stipulations.
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