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Aug 22, 2002
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Okay, so the scores arent horrible, 9V 9P 10B, R
but do you think schools are going to wonder about someone who got all A grades as an English major and then screwed up the verbal. I dont know what happened, on all my practice tests I never got less than an 11.

Maybe it was because I went to the bathroom 9 times during the test!!! 9 F%$&% times!!

Im trying to get into a UC, does anyone think Ive still got a chance?


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Jan 4, 2002
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short answer: no. long answer: possible, but unlikely. with a 28 MCAT, UCs will reject you first round out of state. (unless you are in state, and even then, the odds are against you.)

My suggestion: take it again and apply next year. You seem to be a good applicant, don't settle for anything less than the best.


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Sep 1, 2002
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Is it just me, or do other people see the incredible irony here in our post-er's problem? :eek:

I think your scores are very good, including the amazing Verbal. Surely an Adcom would look at the score and laugh - and I mean at the insanity of the verbal questions, etc. This is an interesting situation!


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Nov 19, 2001
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I'm in a similar situation. Although I am a Science major, I have made great grades in all my english and literature classes (lowest was an A-) and they were all junior/senior level courses.

My MCAT score: 8V, 10P, S, 9B

Do you think some med schools will consider that S writing score when looking at my scores? I think this is bizzare. My writing and reading skills made me very successful in college (4.0), but the MCAT is another world. I too was scoring double digits in my AAMC verbal practice tests.

What gives!?!?!:mad: :confused:
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