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Aug 12, 2002
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Just got my invite for an interview at Einstein. Anyone else going in November? Any got any experiences to share about their interview? I'm excited, interview #3. Thanks guys.


the interview was pretty relaxing and conversational. My interviewer was matched with my interests and we just chatted about me, her research, etc. for an hour. Wear confortable shoes though, there is a lot of walking and your interview is not in the med school building, i had to take a shuttle to mine.

good luck!
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Oct 1, 2002
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It was a long time ago, but Einstein was a comfortable interview. Students are great and professors are relaxed. I didn't like the area much. NY seems too big for my liking.

Congrats though and good luck!


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Jun 10, 2002
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i had einstein about 3 wks ago?
if it wasn't my 5th one, i think i would have fumbled a lot!
the guy just asked so many questions... and you know how they just cut you off and ask the next question?
he was sincere in the sense he wanted to know who i was but still he lost interest in my answers pretty quickly or wanted to move on.
but i tried to get in as much as i could...
i think it went well, nonetheless, but i totally would have bombed it if it had been my first one...

i agree w/ wexy
wear comfy shoes for girls!
i had to walk a lot for the tour and also for the interview (at a different place)
generally i really liked it.. the dorms are apt style and really really big and cheap! i really liked that!

good luck to yall!

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