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Jul 12, 2008
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I know there are many medical students out there thinking about their OB/GYN residency applications as the summer winds down. First- congrats on picking the best specialty!

Second- while you should definitely be discussing things with faculty advisors at your school who know you well, this site can be helpful for an outsider's objective input. I am more than willing to discuss the application process privately via PMs with anyone who doesn't feel comfortable posting a public discussion thread. Specifically, the age-old question, "Does my list look okay??"

My credentials: I am an academic generalist. I currently work at a medium-sized program, teaching residents and students. I have been participating in the resident selection process since I was a resident myself, in addition to as faculty at two different programs- one that emphasizes research, fellowships, etc. and one that is more community/generalist focused. (Though it would be fun to pretend to be an OB/GYN here on SDN, the badges you see on the sidebar under my name mean that I submitted actual proof of who I am, like documentation of my faculty appointment, to the SDN staff.)

Best of luck to all!
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