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    My understanding is that, unfortunately, not many IMGs come back here to share their experiences, but maybe someone can help me.

    I am a graduate from a western Europe medical school. I am not sure how to fill out the "medical school awards" box on ERAS (or, if I should fill it out at all). The closest thing to 'honors' in our medical school is getting a 'cum laude' on a course. It is the highest grade you can get on the course's final exam (usually an oral exam). While I did get a fair amount of 'cum laude', I highly doubt that I should put each and every one of them on my application... But I would deeply appreciate your feedback on the issue.
    My specialty-pertinent 'cum laude' is mentioned on my Chair's LoR.

    Another question I've been trying to find an answer to: I have a medical license in my home country, should I mention that on ERAS? Where?
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    Med school awards aren't about course grades or superlatives. If you get your degree "cum laude" or otherwise (summa, magna), that is a legitimate thing to put in that section. But not individual course grades. The section is meant for putting things like the Gold Humanism Award or Biggest Ortho Gunner Douche. It's also basically meaningless.

    Nobody cares about your home country medical license outside of your home country.
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