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Jun 5, 2016
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Can anyone tell me how ERAS personal statements show up on the PD side when they are reviewing our applications?

For some reason I am having an issue pasting my PS onto the ERAS textbox. I have two versions of my PS both exactly 626 and 625 words. My version 1 fits perfectly onto the ERAS preview in under one page. My version 2 (which is 1 word shorter with identical character limits) goes over onto page 2 by 4-5 sentences. I have tried everything from reformatting/unformatting, to changing font size/type, but for some reason the version I want of my PS is still going over one page and my old version which is 1 word longer, fits exactly under one page.

Does the preview button from our side look exactly the way a PD will also see our application? i.e if my preview shows 2 pages, then a PD would have to click to go to a second page of my PS.

Or...when PDs view our applications, is everything from our application just downloaded onto a PDF file so it really won't matter if the preview shows that my PS goes over 1 page?


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Dec 18, 2011
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Try pasting it into notepad or wordpad to remove some of the formatting then copy it in.


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Jan 9, 2016
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There is also a "remove formatting" button on the text box you insert the text to on ERAS. Would try that as well. Make sure breaks between paragraphs are one space and not two.
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