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  1. toothfairy2011

    May 19, 2008
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm taking my exam in ~1wk and was wondering if those of you who recently took part I could elaborate on the logistics of exam day. Here's what I've been able to gather from the ADA website/prometric website. Any additions/comments would be appreciated!

    1. Registration (ID check -2 forms of ID, lockers, etc.)

    2. Get plastic boards (how many?) + markers (do we get an eraser?). Maybe this is a paranoid question, but are these boards easily erasable? If I was planning to write my answers on the board and transfer to the computer at the end, is accidently brushing my hand over the board and erasing everything likely? Or do you really need to scrub to erase them?

    3. Tutorial - 15 min (?). Is this exactly the same one as that on the ADA website?

    4. 3.5 hours for first 200 questions

    5. 1 hr break

    6. 3.6 hrs for next 200 questions

    7. done
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  3. harry bajwa

    Nov 5, 2007
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    hi toothfairy..

    the boards, well i used them too.. and u do have to scrub them hard to erase the answer.. they give u 2 boards, 2 black markers and an erasing sponge...

    the first part has 200 questions... in the end there are testlets .. about 7 to 8 of them..
    the second part starts with testlets.. again bout 7 to 8 and then the rest of the questions....

    time is enough.... u can mark questions u are not sure of and go back to them too...

    do sleep well... coz i screwed up my exam as i couldnt sleep the nite before and went to take the exam without sleeping.... and didnt do well coz of that....

    eat well and take food with u for lunch..

    and imp... do empty out all of ur pockets... NOTHING shud be there, not even a penny..
    other than that... everythings fine

    GOODLUCK... need any more help do let me know.....

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